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Joe McCormack

Consultant Complementary Health Therapist.

My name is Joe McCormack and I am a Consultant Complementary Health therapist based in Ireland. 

I have been teaching group courses and Individual one to one courses for many years. From a teaching point of view I enjoy the energetic connection that is set up between the Teacher and the class participants, as the course information is passed on. However I feel now is the time to venture into teaching and Passing on my course information online. 

So thank you for reading this short introduction and let me take this opportunity, to wish you well with my course or any course that you choose to partake in.  

 A little bit of Information about the therapy that I provide.

The main therapy that I provide is CBMT (Complete Body Mind therapy). I utilize the Chinese Yin Yang theory as my assessment tool and then treat the client on a Physical, Mental and Emotional point of view. I utilize at least 3 of the therapies that I am qualified in during each treatment, with my client.Thus treating them on a physical, mental and emotional level.

The Yang treatment is physical. It may consist of Structural alignment and meridian stretching and massage.

Yin treatment is emotional treatment. The therapy may be Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy or NLP , depending on the clients needs,

And Wu Ji point or still point which is the balance between yin and yang I will use an Energy therapy such as Cellular Vibration or Bio Energy or any other Energy therapy that may suit my client.

I became involved in Holistic Health therapies back in 1980 and I now have almost 40 years of Clinical practice.. One of the first therapies that I started to learn was Indian head massage. Hence ironically I have chosen Indian Head massage to be the first one that I am making available as a distant learning online course. 

Over the years I trained in many other holistic therapies including Acupuncture, Meridian Massage, Neurofield Therapy, Am Nu Fu, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy,Neurolinguistic Programming, Bio Energy, Reiki, Druid Massage, Meridian Massage and stretching, Skeletal Alignment and many more Holistic Therapies. 

MAC Academy Of Holistic Training.

Learn online with Joe McCormack
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