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Picture Chakra meditation

This Meditation course allows you to meditate in a normal way, with your eyes closed. BUT the major selling part of this course is the aspect of the MP4 files that allow you to meditate with your eyes open.

On this course you can meditate on each Chakra individually either listening to the MP3 audio file or by watching the MP4 video file. A lot of my students find the picture meditation very relaxing as they find it easier to abdominaly breathe as they see the written commands to "Abdominal Breathing" come up on the screen as the video plays. its a silent reminder to breath properly as you meditate.

The mid portion of each picture meditation is related directly to the individual chakra that you want to meditae on. The colour of each Chakra comes onto the screen in this part of the video and also written commands come onto the screen as you meditate. Again a silent reminder of why you are meditating, and what you will receive as you re-balance that particular Chara.

The last section of this course is a long 40 minute Complete Hypnotic Chakra meditation. Again you have the options of MP3 or MP4 video files to chose from.

In this meditation there are relaxing and powerful positive suggestions in the background of the track. This aspect of the course will go deeper into your subconscious mind. Thus allowing powerful, positive change to occur in your life as your Chakras clear, Balance and vibrate in a healthier way.

Thank you for purchasing our course to show our appreciation we include an EXTRA FREE BONUS MEDITATION TO HELP YOU OVERCOME FEAR AND STRESS..

We hope you enjoy it and you receive positive benefits as a result of using our meditations. 

MAC Academy Of Holistic Training.

Learn online with Joe McCormack
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