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Qi Hai Bio Energy

On this course you will become familiar with your Auric field. The 7 main Auric layers are described in a basic manner. You will learn how to do an Auric clearing and also Chakra opening and Balancing techniques.

there will be 3 wellness treatments in this Foundation level course. the treatments will be:

Balancing the Yin and Yang aspects of the Ren and Du channels.

Combing, waving and sweeping the Inner Auric fields.

Complete body energetic detox.

What you’ll learn
You will get a basic understanding of the 7 layers of your Auric field.
Realize how important it is to be physically and mentally in alignment as you carry out a Qi Hai Bio Energy treatment.
You will be shown a number of stances that are closely linked to the Tai Qi and Qi Gong systems. Theses stances will be used as you carry out your Energy treatment.
Self healing and energy clearing stances and demonstrated in this course.
Personal protective bubble of light is explained to you. It is vital you are energetically protected as you carry out Energy treatments.
Sensing and feeling the Qi is vital as you carry out Qi Hai Bio Energy. You will be shown a very simple exercise to carry out that will help you become more sensitive to feeling the energy around the human body.
You will get an understanding as to how healing occurs during a bio energy treatment.
The factors effecting healing will be outlined.
Two of the extraordinary vessels in the body will be worked on in this Basic foundation level of Qi Hai Bio Energy. Those vessels are the Ren and the Du channels.
3 wellness healing treatments will be demonstrated in this course.
Many energy scan and clearing techniques will be explained and demonstrated.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
There are no course requirements needed to partake in this course.

Who this course is for:
This course is a great start for anyone that would like to become a Bio Energy practitioner. This is the basic foundation level. The second level of this course will present you with a Diploma in Qi Hai Bio Energy, from the MAC Academy of Holistic Training.
Anyone that would like to learn about the Auric field and work with Bio Energy techniques on a personal level.
Holistic Practitioners that would like to bring another therapy into their range of therapies that they provide.

MAC Academy Of Holistic Training.

Learn online with Joe McCormack
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